ME Analyzer show Family: TXE Version:,whta does it meam?

Family: TXE
Release: Production
Type: Region, Extracted
FD: Locked
SVN: 1
VCN: 2
PV: Yes
Date: 2013-07-29
Size: 0x24F000
Platform: BYT
Latest: No

what happen? Is it the wrong version of analyzer i use ? if not what version of Intel (CS)ME System Tools i should use? whta does Family: TXE meam?

OK,i think i have found the answer, the TXE v1.0 Firmware-based Systems tool should be useed.but the download link is dead? i can’t open the downlad page,mabe is a network problome…

it show this imformation when i drop the me.bin which extract from a dump ISP.bin:
Warning: File size exceeds firmware, unneeded padding!

what the size the PD,BIOS,ME,GBE should be?