ME_cleaner turn on Intel ME network service

Hi. I have some problem. After use ME_cleaner with flag -S it turned on Intel ME network service (checked in FIT). How to turn it off manuly?
Total it have enabled "Force BootGuard ACM" and "Protect BIOS Environment". I want to turn it off too

me_cleaner.rar (8.41 KB)

provide the original bios so someone can reproduce the same effect!zmAhiILQ!DV0jBsTM9ApGIā€¦NTOm3x5CpSvxgs4

After apply me_cleaner with flag -S changes do in FIT not saves

I think these settings become undefined for the FIT application , because there are no files/structures in the ME region for storing them after running with "-S"
FIT shows the bootguard profile as "unknow", which means that "I did not find/loaded settings"

Any body know how to check Intel ME network service in hex?