ME gone after bios update - ME FW version - could not fix it by sw so I decided to do some soldering

It’s still available from HP - Bios 1.14


These are the ones I have found so far, just choose the correct sp folder according to picture - HP FTP Softpaq link

Are you sure actually it’s wrongfully upgraded ME firmware by HP and not incorrect use of tools or wrong order of use by us ?

Found a few more and updated image, oldest now is number 4 made for Z420 V 1.09

We’re not doing something wrong. I’m certain that the guide was followed by HP because of a harmless side-effect it has in which the Flash Image Tool version is set to be the same as the actual ME firmware (as seen in MEA) even though that may not actually be the case. For example, the firmware/tools/documentation packages from up until at least (last we’ve found) included Flash Image Tool However, BIOS 3.92 includes ME (in between 8.1.40 and 8.1.65 packages) but shows Flash Image Tool version of which makes no sense as it doesn’t exist. If they had done everything manually (I don’t blame them, only ME 8 C600 is bugged) the firmware would show as but FIT as Hopefully you get what I’m trying to say.



Anyway, it doesn’t matter. We don’t want very old BIOS because these had ME 7 which got later upgraded to ME 8. I think BIOS 2.55 with ME is a good candidate to flash as it is and test if the error goes away. FIT does exist. Don’t forget to do a manual greset by removing all power (AC, RTC not needed) for 1 minute after re-flashing the SPI chip.

Still has ‘No valid OEM data, ICC not programmed’ after flashing 2.55

Well I don’t think we can try something else, especially with the bugged FIT 8.1.40 in combination with the Patsburg platform. I suggest you flash the latest BIOS from HP and then proceed to close ME manufacturing mode to stop the error from showing. Then do a “-greset” and call it a day. I don’t think you’ll see any issue during everyday use.

Agree, it’s not like we didn’t try - AMT option is back in bios and I have no yellow exclamation mark in device manager and no manufacturer mode so I’ll solder it back on.

Thanks for your help.

Hi plutomatiac and Twist,
I know that this is an old thread, i was following every step that you did, but at the end, how did you manage to get the AMT options back in BIOS, since I lost them and I am not able to get them back.

I have two identical laptops, HP Elitebook 2170p, same CPU, exactly the same, but one of them has AMT options in BIOS and has Intel ME in windows, but other one lost AMT BIOS options (MeBX) and had locked ME FW and vpro. I managed to unlock ME and vpro and AMT, but it is still missing AMT options in BIOS.

Is there a way to pull all BIOS data/ME from working one and apply it to non working one?

Not much familiar wit entire SPI/BIOS/ME FW story, pretty much learned all from reading your posts.
Since BIOS chip on this board is removable and I have bought new BIOS chips and CH341A programmer, i took BIOS from working one and placed it in non working one, but its still not showing AMT options in BIOS.

any advice would be much appreciated .

Thank you in advance