me region hm370 .Active boot guard

Hello. I strongly ask not to scold me here new.
I have a laptop, after updating the bios through the official program dell G5 15 5587, the problem began. The problem lies in the me region. Clearing the region would not be problematic if it were not for the Platform Protection in my case, the boot guard profile 5-fvme.
I ask to help, with a dump with a clean Me. Dump from spi attached, you need to clean me the region. Thanks in advance!
sorry for my english, i write with the help of a translator.

me bad.part1.rar (3.81 MB)

me bad.part2.rar (3.19 MB)

BootGuard doesn’t cover ME region in this binary, so you can clean it up as usual. All hashes (boot BootGuard ones for PEI and AMI ones for DXE) are intact, so it should boot after ME cleanup just fine.

I have already cleaned me region several times .the region took here on the forum from the repository .but all exactly when you turn on the laptop restarts twice then normally starts to work .maybe something I’m doing wrong ,if you can send me a dump with a clean me

Upload your output SPI image after cleaning the Engine firmware to verify that the guide was followed properly. Also, upload a SPI dump after you have re-flashed the "cleaned" SPI image to verify the CSME firmware health.

in the first post laid out the dump from spi to clean me (native bios)
next, lay out two files .first with a clean me ,before turning on the laptop .the second after inclusion merged from spi.

before turning on your laptop with a clean me.part1.rar (3.81 MB)

before turning on your laptop with a clean me.part2.rar (3.21 MB)

drained from spi after switching on the laptop.part1.rar (3.81 MB)

drained from spi after switching on the laptop.part2.rar (3.19 MB)

Based on the provided files, you have not followed the Engine CleanUp Guide. The “clean” images still have the same corrupted & “Initialized” CSME File Systems, as can be seen from ME Analyzer.


While following the guide myself, one thing I noticed is that the corruption caused issues loading the dumped SPI in the most recent FIT we have as of now (


However, switching to the one the image "me bad.bin" was originally build with (, did the trick thankfully so I was able to see the configuration settings properly and thus continue with the guide.

outimage.part1.rar (5 MB)

outimage.part2.rar (1.79 MB)

plutomaniac thank you so much !it’s working!you saved me friend