ME version broke the HDCP 2.2

Hey man, I was able to fix mine. I ended up downgrading to an earlier BIOS but the trick was resetting the CMOS instead of just doing default settings. I was told by Asrock that a resetting of CMOS wasn’t required but it did the trick. I didn’t know of anything else that helped. Just install whatever drivers they send you and Reset CMOS afterwards. Hope this helps.

So they sent you a BIOS or not? If yes, please post it here, if not and you only used stock old BIOS, please post link/exact version here etc so the next guy with this issue can fix. Thanks!

I have heard that a BIOS update can sometimes remove the HDCP 2.2 key.

If you read this page by Cyberlink;

For ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming-ITX/ac motherboard:
Ensure you use the firmware (BIOS) version later than 2.30 (8/9/2017)
You are advised to update the HDCP 2.2 key using the HDCP2.2 Key Tool kit ver:1.0 at ASRock support page, and then follow ASRock’s installation guide (PDF) to update the HDCP 2.2 key.

Note that the HDCP2.2 Key Tool kit is around 514 MB = quite large!

Once you have done the HDCP key fix you will need to install and run the latest Cyberlink UltraHD Blu-ray Advisor and see if you get all “Pass” in green text.

If you get some things “Not Available” you will need to fix them one by one.

This may involve uninstalling Intel SGX, Intel ME (full package not just the driver) AND your Intel HD Graphics driver and re-installing them.

You may need to download the latest version of each to use the latest BIOS (recommended).