Medion Akoya E6416 RAM PROBLEM

Hello, my laptop model (Medion Akoya E6416) has 4GB DDR3 RAM, so i bought at RAM to upgrade it for my laptop to 12GB, i bought at Kingston 8GB RAM 204-pin SODIMM, I mounted it while this model laptop has 2 slots for RAM , but unfortunately the bios wont recognize That RAM, it quietly shows only 4GB of RAM Not the one upgraded another.

even I downloaded CPU-Z (is a app information) and IT recognize Both of RAM, but the system does not.

i searched for this problem on google so i saw alot of opinions but none of them worked,
even i saw some to change the frequency on the current BIOS version BIOS but for my laptop does not even have any IT advanced options like They Said To Give a try.

i am submiting images to show it.


can anyone help me?
I would be greatful !.


@ vebtopalli:
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It was not a good idea to buy additional RAM modules for your laptop without having checked, whether they are compatible with the original RAM module.
The only way to solve your problem may be to give the 8 GB RAM back to the merchant and to search either for a 4 GB RAM module, which matches the original one, or to purchase 2x4 GB RAM sticks, whose specifications are compatible with your notebook. In the latter case I would remove the old RAM stick and use just the new ones.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Why not check with the 8 GB module alone? At least it will double your memory size. But you should better check the maximum memory allowed, using dmidecode or wmic commands. I believe Crucial is also offering a tool for checking memory compatibility.

i tried , with only 8GB ram the laptop show black screen.

i thought maybe its on BIOS problem but i still couldn’t find any BIOS update for my model

Dude, your laptop only supports 1.35V modules, you bought 1.5V. This will not work.
Send the module back and buy something that supports 1.35V, like this one.
Notice the “L” in the model number, which stands for “Low Voltage”.

PS: since it is a Medion device, I posted the link to a german website.
You could also use this one. It has better timings.