medion e7222 ubu aptiov

I’m a little lost in this intel bios in a medion e7222 laptop trying to preform an update using ubu.
I have only ever done a amd bios and I’m unsure what to do in UBU as it gives me a selection of option roms to update.
also being that it is an odd brand and no one has attempted to mod one I just want to be sure before I flash it.

would some one be able to guide me, I’m happy to mod it but a bit reluctant to flash it but I’m a little lost in the microcode update as it has a table of them.

it has an i3-2370m sandy bridge processor

it says roms are missing as per the attached image and I don’t know if this is normal.

medion e7222.jpg

A17MD207.rar (1.73 MB)

@professor_jonny :
Generally I do not recommend to modify a BIOS of a mobile system unless the original BIOS causes evident problems.

Yes, it is normal, that the BIOS of older notebooks do not contain any EFI modules for the Intel Graphics adapter (“GopDriver”) and Intel RAID Controller (“SataDriver”/“RaidDriver”).
By the way: Since mobile systems usually do not even offer the BIOS option to set the Intel RAID Controller to “RAID” mode, the Intel RAID modules of your laptop’s BIOS probably will never be used.