MEI latest version HM76 update request

Hello again, I managed to bring Mei to the use state of the programmer. I made a clean dump version For this reason, I have a question if there is a sense of firmware update? What version is the right and most recently for the HM76 Panther Point chipset and Ivy Bridge I3 processor?

Intel (Converged Security) Management Engine: Drivers, Firmware and Tools

Without reading no one can learn how… ull find the tools/answers to ur doubts. The starting point of Intel ME FW update is by having the latest official bios for system updated (Witch we dont know…)
and then update the FW to latest version, that can be the or, depends on identification of the current SKU in system bios.
Neither did u presented a bios dump, specs of machine/motherboard or system model, in order to determine the SKU, so use the precious assembled guide and start working on it.

The official bios update does not provide Mei updates I unpacked the archive and I found nothing. Motherboard is McLaren v1.2 Samsung NP550P7C SEC_SW_REVISION_1234567890ABCD



Then the only available update is the SKU 1.5Mb
All is in the guide, thats it.

EDIT: -allysv is optional if any mismatch only. Do keep a full spi dump of the system stored… usually this operation is safe but we never know, if u know wot i mean…

EDIT: Yes seems successful, ur done, the FICT version is normal as this is only updated in a complet FW build image, not in FW updates, no impact on current ME functions.

Thank you for your help , from what I read I need to use the FWUpdLcl -allowsv -f update_file_name.bin command when I want to update Mei 8. I want to make sure I understood a guide

It seems that the update has succeeded


HWINFO screen Is it normal that Hwinfo shows this value? "Intel Me Fitc Version: 8.1, Build 1248"


Edit: Thank you for help