Members cannot post links to other websites

I keep seeing this from members in PM’s, several people have mentioned it to me now, so there is some bug going on or something!
Probably added in when the update came across that now doesn’t let new members add live links (BTW - Until they have how many posts is this restricted?)

@Lost_N_BIOC: @plutomaniac :
These are the current Admin GUI settings for freshly registered Forum members:

Restricted write rights of new Forum members.png

That means, that new Forum members are currently not allowed to post links to other websites
a) within the first 7 days after the successful registration and
b) before having written and published at least 5 posts.
Maybe quoting another post is counted as a link to another website?

These settings must be new because I don’t remember them being there and of course noone had that issue for years. Personally I would love to keep it to 1 day & 1 post because that will probably severely limit spammers that create an account, post 1 link and disappear. However, this will also cause problems for new users who want to post a link to their bios dump for example and might not think to enter it in code tags or similar. Thus, I have set this to 0 day and 0 posts and will revise it if spam becomes a problem.

Thanks guys! I will let you know if I continue to see users complain that they can’t reply to their own threads!
Recently that has been an issue right after I’d reply to their first post, then they could not reply no matter how they tried, at least 3-5 or more have said that in PM’s, plus several I see in threads/comments like this one
I bet this clears it up

@Lost_N_BIOS : @plutomaniac :
Since it obviously was not any Admin of the Forum, who had done these changes, I suspect, that it happened during the recent Forum Software update.

I thought that was probably the case @Fernando - Each time they “Fix” something, search here gets worse too, it’s too bad they can’t get things right or leave it all alone