Messed up BIOS Clevo PCxxDxx

So I think I messed up big time my new PCxxDxx (barebone Clevo PCX0DX). This is a brand new machine and I saw there were new BIOS from Clevo so I thought to install it. I downloaded it from here: hCLEVO OEM BIOS REPOSITORY /CLEVO/P_Series/PCxxDxx (i cannot post links yet)

Now the computer does not boot.

I wonder if you could please help my, I am worried I will not be able to solve this.

Please help :S

Hi Tony, i looked the bios which you flashed and it has the ME too …
So may be something wrong also flashing ME, the issue on graphics if not involve vbios and didn’t broke harder the code, then making an CMOS reset, you
will able to clear some settings that may be are clippimg the bideo out.
If you have a bios backup about before the update, there is possibility to reflash it, otherwise it will be more harder …
Point me to the orifinal stock bios version you had into your laoptop, just post the link and use at start some spaces to make name different for the system.
i.e. http:// >> h t t p : / /

Then write your laptop complete model too, more information you guve better is, as bios version :wink:
Let me know

Here is the Recovery Bios procedure for some models ……-thread.416916/


Hi @BDMaster. Thank you for the information.

I do not know how to make a CMOS reset but I will go to a technical service tomorrow and try to ask them if they could try it. The problem is that the laptop does not even start, I would unplug the battery to drain power but the screws are a bit tight and do not losen, and I do not want to break anything, so I better ask for RMA.

Jesus! The laptop is brand new, this is very back luck and big stupidity from my part.
Thank you for your help.

Hi friend,
to clear the CMOS aka NVRAM look here :…processors.html

Then if the laptop iz a brand new, you have to call the assistence for an RMA and send to them it , as your grant will decade if you’llmade something
other …

I am sorry :frowning:

Hi @BDMaster. Thank you for answering. I asked the manufacturer for a RMA, I went to a local technical service but they told me that it is better to not touch anything.

Thank you for taking the time and sharing all the information :slight_smile: