Microcode on ES CPUs

Hi @ all,

I am new to this topic and got my hands on a Xeon Gold 6130 ES and was wondering if it is possible to use the microcode from the "final" Gold 6130 in this Engineering Sample cpu?
(for spectre and meltdown vulnerability fixes)

thx for any advice

What is the CPUID? Intel does not generally update the ES/QS steppings with newer microcodes so it is unlikely that we’ll have ones which fix Spectre.

Hi thank you for your answer. The CPUID is 50652.

I though of modifying the microcode of the 50654 to be loaded on my cpu.

Version 37 from 5/2/17 is latest for 50652. You cannot modify CPU microcode like you mention

Well this is exactly the one what is running actually at my board. So there is no way of fixing spectre. :frowning:

Yeap, just checked. As I said, Intel does not update ES/QS microcodes. The last one for 50652 is from May 2017 so no Spectre. You’ll need to use a production CPU instead.