Microsoft Surface Pro 3 uefi password reset

Hello guys can someone help me editing bin to remove password or just flash it stock and remove password i dont want to open touch screen it will not be like it was. This is my bin i have backed up i dont know if is full bin.
thank you

How did you make this backup? Do you have flash programmer (Hardware)? You usually will need flash programmer and SOIC8 test clip cable to reprogram BIOS to stock, once a password has been set

Hi bro i make it with software, i have flashcatUSB, but im not home. Is flashcat enough ? But to flash bios chip we must disassembly surface pro, its a bit hard so that why i there a way to do without disassembly.

Yes, flashcat would be plenty, it’s a hardware programmer. Yes, you would need to disassemble the system. I’m sure it can maybe be done via editing your BIOS dump and remove the password, but I do not know it’s location. Maybe someone at would be able to better help with that kind of a BIOS edit.

Is the above linked file a dump from your flashcat USB or not? 14MB does not seem correct, but I know these have odd BIOS sizes, but even if actual BIOS is 14MB used, dump from chip would be 16MB, so I think it’s not full dump (You used software for this correct, not flashcat dump?)

I find this in “Password” at NVRAM variable - 1600FFFFFF8220 - but I would need to compare with some other dump from same system to see if that or how much of that is the password or not.
I also find this at “Unlock ID” in NVRAM - 55E175AE317867BBD7A7D9084EE5AA90 104953828C98CC931B92599EF16806A7

Yes i used software fptw64 i know in cmd says 16mb or 16000kb i dont know why not dumped full cuz of protected blocks i think thank you. But if i use flashcat programer no need to edit dump? Just flashing stock bios.

Yes, there is often locks in place that only allow you to dump certain regions. If you use flashcat you want to get a verified dump from the original chip, then try to get your details out. As for putting another BIOS on there, you will need to find another dump from someone for your exact board, at least it’s that way for the Surface 4, BIOS download is like 100-200MB I think, and did not contain a single contiguous BIOS inside it, so you can’t really program that to your chip. Unless you know of a 8-16MB BIOS download for your exact model, if you do link it and I can check for you if it should work or not for a direct programming.

Hello @Lost_N_BIOS !
I find this topic and i have the same issue. My BIOS is read directly from flash chip. Can you help me removing password?

@Pityu - Sorry, I don’t know anything about password removal, sometimes it’s not even stored in BIOS chip. Best to ask for help with this at forums
You can test, programming in stock BIOS to see if password remains or not, then you know if BIOS stores the password or not. Make sure your backup is good and valid first, otherwise you will loose all your system specific info (serial, UUID, MAC ID etc)