Microsoft's DirectStorage

Do any of the drivers enable or interfere in anyway with DirectStorage on Win11?

NVMe drivers are not the ones enabling DirectStorage, its the GPU drivers that will be using the system NVMe burst.
Now the performance of an NVMe disk is always the peak goal of any user, with supported DirectStorage or not, so we may say that, yes the performance of the NVMe will dictate also the DirectStorage i/o.
DirectStorage 1.1 Now Available - DirectX Developer Blog (
AMD support for Microsoft DirectStorage 1.1 - AMD GPUOpen
Accelerating Load Times for DirectX Games and Apps with GDeflate for DirectStorage | NVIDIA Technical Blog

EDIT: Sorry, but dont know or even searched for such tools…its to new, you’ll have to dig a bit more on the web around this, good luck.

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Is there some benchmark or something where I can test DirectStorage? I don’t have that XBOX thing installed on my machine.

I am not a gamer and don’t have an XBOX either.

I found this - Google Drive yesterday where you can run this DirectStorage/ at main · microsoft/DirectStorage · GitHub

I had around 16.34GB/s and 0.33s

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