MMTool 5 cannot recognize my option roms?


I’ve just tried to follow the instructions to extract the option roms of my Asus Rampage V Extreme board bios (X99 chipset).
I tried to do it with MMTool on the newest bios file 1302. MMTools opens it without any issue - I can see the list with the file names. But when I highlight the CsmDxe file with the “blue bar” (or any other file name in the list) I cannot activate anything in the “For Option Rom Only” section - everything is greyed out: I did start it with administrators rights though.

What do I do wrong? - any help is greatly appreciated

@ Spacey:
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Since the BIOS of your X99 mainboard doesn’t contain a file named CSMCORE, where all Option ROM modules are usually stored, there is obviously no need to use the “For Option ROM only” section of the AMI Aptio V MMTool.
By the way: I had no problem to get the module named CsmDxe extracted from the latest BIOS 1302.

Dieter (alias Fernando)