MOBO with Good RAID

I am looking for a motherboard that has good raid support. AMD on my MICROSERVER N40L has broken and raidxpert can’t fix it. I prefer RAID 10 or 6. How is this MOBO…N82E16813157500. This is the one Fernando uses.

@ Squirrelly:
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I generally to not give special product recommendations to users, who want to purchase any sort of hardware.
If you want a system with a good on-board RAID Controller, you should look for a mainboard with an up-to date Intel chipset.
By the way: I didn’t buy the ASRock Z97 Extrreme6 mobo because of its special RAID features. The main reason was the “Ultra M.2” support of this board.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Which Intel chipset do you recommend that is up to date?

Z97 or X99. Personally I would prefer the Intel Z97 chipset, because it has no problems with the choice of the "best" Intel AHCI/RAID drivers.