Mod bios for ultrafast boot option on z270 Evga stinger

I have an itx z270 motherboard from evga with aptio v unlocked bios.
My old z77 gigabyte had a ultrafast boot option. Also I know that most of the asrock motherboards have ultrafast option. My Evga doesn’t have that option, only fast boot.
My goal is to make the motherboard boot directly to Windows loading without any delay. I don’t want to have time to press delete button to enter bios.
I have opened the bios bin with AMIs AMIBCP tool and I found an option for selecting how many seconds to wait until you press delete to enter bios. The default is 1 sec but it doesn’t let me put zero.
Any ideas?
(I will upload some photos later at night)

I can safely try any mod, because my bios is in removable chip and I have also bought a spare bios chip for safety.

Thank you in advance.

Ok, these are the photos from my BIOS.
You can see that i can’t change value to zero in setup prompt timeout and in second photo there is no ultra fast boot option, only enable disable “simple” fast boot.

[[File:??? ??? (3).png|none|auto]][[File:??? ??? (4).png|none|auto]]

And these are photos from a random z270 asrock bios
You can see the ultra fast boot option and in second photo setup prompt timeout is already zero.
[[File:??? ??? (5).png|none|auto]][[File:??? ??? (6).png|none|auto]]

Any ideas?

??????????? ?????? (3).png

??????????? ?????? (4).png

??????????? ?????? (5).png

??????????? ?????? (6).png

I contacted EVGA and they said that there won’t be any ultrafast boot option in the future .
Do you have any idea?
I think it’s difficult to add such an option by modding ( I was hoping because other AMI aptio v had this option, maybe it was “hidden” somewhere).
But to change value to zero in “setup prompt timeout” it’s more possible I think.

Also I want to buy some extra bios chips from ebay.
I know the type of the chip, but I don’t know underneath there is a 4 digit number.
What is this number? It is revision? (bigger number is newer/better?)
here is the picture of bios chip:


Thank you for your time.