Mod+signed Samsung NVMe drivers for HP+Dell systems

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Could you please do samsung nvme driver as well? The original driver supports only dell SM1715 and PM1725, I added support for oracle and samsung original version of PM1725 3.2TB, as there’s a good number of them available in ebay. I’m currently using it as well.


%COMMNvme3200GBPM1725SFF.DeviceDesc% = nvme_inst, PCI\VEN_144D&DEV_A821&SUBSYS_A803108E

Here's the driver I modded, but without signature. You can also download the original driver from dell and add the ID into it, but don't versions newer than, since the recent versions could make the system unbootable, especially for win10 and win7. run on those desktop os without any problem.!a80x3LjS!a_3oZHfaBDk3-...GHTcQRms1JH7cUI

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@111alan :
To make it clear: I generally do not sign any modded driver upon request.
Since I haven’t yet seen a need resp. a noticeable request for mod+signed Samsung NVMe drivers and the latest Samsung NVMe drivers obviously do not even work as modded variants with the Samsung NVMe Controller DEV_A821, I don’t have the intention to offer such mod+signed Samsung NVMe drivers in the near future.
I hope for your understanding.

i understand.

actually the thing is, the latest driver don’t work on any drive under windows 7 and 10, even for listed dell drives. they removed the support for non server windows since1.4.8.x.

no request for this driver probably because no one know dell has such driver, so they stuck on microsoft driver, which is glitchy and can’t even read smart info. I saw many people use this drive, they just didnt ask.

so i still hope you can do a modded samsung driver. thanks.

Let us wait for the upcoming Samsung NVMe driver versions and for requests coming from other Dell users with NVMe driver problems.

EDIT: It is not my job to compensate Dell’s deficiencies. It is the task of the “Original Equipment Manufacturers” to offer working drivers for their on-board devices.

I mean, although they discontinued the support on non-server OS, the older version of samsung NVMe driver officially support XS1715, SM1715 and PM1725 drives(with pmc controllers). And it works a lot better than microsoft generic nvme driver. In fact I’ve been using my modded version of this driver for some time now.

The only problem is, samsung original version and oracle version(actually the same as samsung version) of this PM1725 drive’s hardware ID is different from that of Dell’s, so I have to add the new ID in the driver, nothing other than that. Also, the Firmware packages of these version are almost the same when unpacked, so there’s little potential incompatibility problem.

Here’s the original WHQL version of driver:!mkNiUTJa!luTERgrtjf3eK…snikGxaGLpY9Q70

Now future samsung drivers probably will never include support for their flag-ship SSDs in their new drivers, as they’ve already deleted the support of PMC controller drives that was in previous versions, only limiting it for client-level controllers. It’s not about users of dell. Rather, just they have a good driver, I and some users in our community want to let it support more drives, a signed version can help a lot :stuck_out_tongue:


BTW dell seems to have removed the version, but hp happens to have the exact same driver(checked with hash calc) for their ProOne 600 G2 , which can be found here:…-one-pc/8818683

It’s the first and only version which can support PM1725 drives on win7 or 10, from 2015 till now, but still most of those wasn’t supported due to its lack of corresponding HW ID, so please :x

Do you know the NVMe Controller HardwareIDs of all officially not supported Samsung NVMe SSDs?

I couldn’t find the Samsung NVMe driver v1.4.7.6 there.

To find samsung nvme driver on that hp site, select windows 7 64bit, then find"Driver-storage", it should be the 4th of the results :slight_smile:
or the detail page I just found:…/site:adgoal+DE

Other than 3.2TB, friend has a 1.6TB version, I just asked him about the HW ID:

%COMMNvme1600GBPM1725SFF.DeviceDesc% 	= nvme_inst, PCI\VEN_144D&DEV_A821&SUBSYS_A802108E have officially supported all nvme drives before PM1725/PM953/SM951, but I have not tried on polaris controller and PM1725A(I don't have those kind of drives for now). On my side works on all 3 kinds of PM175 drives(dell, original, oracle), also tested with KPYA5D3Q KPYA8D3Q KPYABD3Q firmware for oracle version. For 2.0 or later, there are only supports for UBX and polaris.

Officially not supported? I think for samsung itself, all those PMC(microsemi) controller drives are no longer publicly supported now(they limited their support to OEM vendors), including XS1715 SM1715 PM1725 and PM1725A. For HW IDs you can find most of them in dell's poweredge expressflash driver:

But for other vendors I only have oracle PM1725's IDs, and PM1725a isn't on the support list of Once I had an original version of SM1715, I can install directly on it so I didn't check the IDs.


I know this post is a bit old but right now im struggling with a similar situation. Did you find a driver already @111alan ?

@test0rn :
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If you want help from my side, please attach the “pure” Samsung 32/64bit NVMe drivers v1.4.7.6 as *.zip or *.rar archive and tell me, which HardwareIDs are missing.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Using driver modded by myself, just without a signature. Also the latest dell driver can support windows 10 when modded.

@111alan :
Thanks for the info, which is good news for affected users.
If there is no need anymore for a mod+signed Samsung NVMe driver, you should customize the thread title and replace the word “Request” by the word “Solved”.

But I’m still hoping to have a signed version of this driver, since unsigned one has some limitations, such as unable to be installed without disabling the signature enforcement every time, and don’t work when integrated into windows installation disk.

Currently collecting the HWID for different PM1725 and PM1725a drives. For now seems only 2 needed to add.

Driver source:
Dell supports win10 when modded):…?driverId=NVT8R
HP both win10 and win7 when modded):…paign=adgoal+DE

Help me Fernando, you are my only hope :stuck_out_tongue:

Which ID’s you have so far?

@111alan :
As soon as I have the required time and equipment (not before November), I will try to help you.

JFYI: Only WHQL certified storage drivers can be successfully integrated into a modern Windows OS.

I’d love to join on that one <3

@111alan @test0rn :
Meanwhile I was able to download and to extract the related original Samsung NVMe drivers from the linked Dell and HP pages. Both driverpacks seem to be 64bit ones.
Remaining questions:
1. Am I right regarding the driver architecture (64bit)? If yes, where are the 32bit drivers?
2. Which missing HardwareIDs do you want to be added?

for me its this one:


TY :smiley:

edit: ye 64bit!

its the storage controller id not disk drive id