modded bios for hp 15bc504tx - hp pavilion series gaming laptop

basically if its possible sir to unlock the advanced section in my bios , or provide the modded bios for hp 15bc504x . also i wanted to ask one more question like is it possible to unlock the motherboard of this hp notebook. because i am also trying to reverse the bios to a downgraded version but i think so since the motherboard is locked so it is not allowing the flashing of lower version bioses . sp96039 is the first version of bios released for my laptop i would love to have it back a modded version of sp96039 would also be great, if in near future i am able to flash my olderbios into hp laptop.rn my system is running f.15 which is in sp 134419 file. so anyone who will work on the project first pls mod the bios sp 134419 and then mod sp96039 .i will attach the latest bios and the first bios both in this thread. Thanks in advance.Peace.