Modded graphics drivers for Hp compaq tc4400

Hi everyone, hope you have been staying safe with all that has been going on in the world. I own two hp/compaq tc4400 laptops from 2006. The graphics drivers only work for windows 2000 to windows vista. It was a hassle to get windows nt 4.0 workstation on there. It would crash when I tried to install it from the cd. This was due the that fact that it did not have sp6 and the cpu was not compatable with anything below windows nt 4.0 with sp6. So, what I did was install windows nt 4.0 in virtual box and then install service pack 6a. I then installed windows xp on a separate partition inside the same virtual machine. I then installed virtualbox guest additions on the windows xp partition and mounted the downloads folder of my actual windows installation. (On windows nt 4.0, you can install guest additions but can not transfer files between the vm and the actual computer) I then copied the contents of the nt 4 partition to my downloads folder, and then copies the contents to my flash drive. I then booted the hp compaq tc4400 to hirens boot cd 15.2 and loaded mini windows XP. Then I formatted the c drive and copied the contents of the nt 4.0 partition with service pack 6 on to it. (You can save the copy of the nt 4 partition to the same flash drive you use to boot windows xp or use a separate flash drive or cd. Rufus can make a bootable hirens boot cd flash drive.) Because I had a windows Xp partition and a windows nt 4.0 partition. Both windows xp and windows nt displayed in the boot options, but because I did not copy the xp partition, only the nt 4.0 option was bootable. Sorry if this is long or confusing, I just wanted to provide a tutorial of how to install windows nt 4.0 on to hardware on up to around 2006 if you want or need to. I was wondering if anyone could help mod the graphics drivers to work on windows nt 4.0. The hp and intel provided drivers only work down to windows 2000. I was hoping their might be a way to hack the inf file to get it to install on windows nt 4.0. Unfortunately the file was too large to attach, but I will post I link to it in case anyone is interested. Here is the link:

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WDM drivers aren’t compatible with NT’s Driver Model, even though they’re similar to each other!

According to bearwindows:

So you need to find the IEGD 5.1 driver and check whether this will work for your mobile graphics. If not, you need to test the SciTech Software SNAP Graphics driver that provides you with 2D accel and hardware overlay. If both of these options won’t help, you will have to use the VBEMP driver.… - driver…tes_win_5_1.txt - readme
install via SetupNT.exe or manually by device manager
By the way, you do have NT4 updated (with latest Service Pack 6?) the driver requires it.

Good Morning IntiMD, Thank you for your help. That is good to know that wdm drivers are not compatible with windows nt. I have updated windows nt 4.0 to service pack 6 so I will have to try the drivers mentioned above. Have a great day!