Modded NVMe Drivers for Intel(R) Optane Controllers

Hi @Fernando could you create these drivers for the Optane 5800x platform as well?

@111alan where did you find Win7 drivers for the 4800x I need some for the 5800X Win7 floppy install drivers?


Why do you want them? Are you not satisfied with Microsoft‘s generic NVMe driver?
Which are the Hardware of the NVMe Controller and which OS are you running?


I tried your modified version and it yields faster scores at as ssd2.0 benchmark.

I’m using it on my off-the-grid Windows 7 x64 machine for benchmarks like PCMark10, PCMark Vantage, AS SSD2.0 etc.

When I install windows 7 fresh it does not recognize my Optane 5800x so I use the 4800x floppy drivers I have. It would be nice to have a proper 5800x optane Win7 x64 drivers and modded for speed like the one you posted above.

When I use the generic ones Win7 shows like 128 5800x drives under storage devices and other issues.

Best Regards and thank you!

As illustration here is how it looks w/ generic drivers:


And this is how it should look (I took this image from the web so I don’t have these driver or could find them anywhere):



  1. To be able to compose and sign a specific NVMe driver I need the HardwareIDs of the related NVMe Controller, which is listed within the „Storage Controllers“ section of the Device Manager.
  2. Since I am currently far away from my PC, don‘t expect the freshly composed and modded driver before mid February.

Many thanks @Fernando no worries I will wait.

Here is the info you asked (I got it from my Win11 machine):

I also have these drivers for Win10-11 for this same drive but they don’t work for Win7 x64:

Attached are the requested 32-/64bit Intel NVMe drivers v3.0.0.1013 for Win7-11, which have been modded and signed by me today. They should work with Intel(R) Optane™ P5800X Series SSDs while running Win7 x86/x64. Note: As usual these non-WHQL drivers cannot be used from scratch (integrated into the ISO or F6-loaded at the beginning of the OS installation).
By the way - your attached Intel NVMe driver v5.3.0.1010 is not usable at all with Windows 7, because the drivers themselves (= *.SYS files) do only work with Windows Operating Systems from Win8 up.

Good luck and don’t forget to post here your feedback after having tried to get these drivers installed!

32bit Intel NVMe Drivers v3.0.0.1013 for Win7-11 mod+signed by Fernando.rar (82.9 KB)
64bit Intel NVMe Drivers v3.0.0.1013 for Win7-11 mod+signed by Fernando.rar (88.4 KB)


You are the best, I will!!! Thank you.

If I should get no feedback within the next days, I will remove the attached freshly modded Intel NVMe drivers.

Hi @Fernando , just had the chance to test it yesterday!

They worked like a charm! I applied the Cert and after that it recognizes my Optane 5800x as it should under Win7 X64.

Many thanks!

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Thanks for having tested the freshly modded Intel NVMe driver and for your feedback, which may be helpful for other users with an Intel(R) Optane™ P5800X Series SSD, who want to run Windows 7.

hey fernando, is the v3.0.0.1013 wether modded or whql, is the latest driver that optane 8000p supported? Are there no newer version that could be used for 8000p on a Ryzen system, my friend uses your modded driver v3.0.0.1013 on raid 0 8000p.

The latest Intel NVMe drivers, which may support “Intel(R) Optane Memory 8000p Series” devices, are the v5.3.0.1010 ones dated 10/19/2022, but you will have to use the drivers, which have been mod+signed by me. They are attached.
Please try them - they are freshly modded and signed by me - and don’t forget to give me your feedback!

32bit Intel NVMe Driver v5.3.0.1010 for Win8-11 mod+signed by Fernando.rar (77.0 KB)
64bit Intel NVMe Driver v5.3.0.1010 for Win8-11 mod+signed by Fernando.rar (86.3 KB)


Thanks alot!! I will try to report soon (perf diff v3 vs v5). My friend use win10 and 11, so the driver would be sufficient. Thanks alot for your effort!!

Hey there, I’m the friend that Kukiz mentioned, I’m sorry that I can’t give an immediate feedback since I’m currently away from my main PC. I’ll be sure to hit you up after I get back, thanks a lot @Fernando !

Here’s some preliminary results of the v5.3 driver, it is about 2x faster in random 4K Q1T1 compared to windows’ own NVMe driver and the v3.0 driver.

Suffice to say that these drivers are bloody amazing, many thanks once again @Fernando

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