Modding ASRock X79 Extreme6

Hi everybody,

I have a few questions regarding my above mentioned mainboard. I’m using BIOS 2.80 right now and have inserted the modded OROM 12.7 for X79 into the 2826 DEV. I’m not satisfied with the result because no RST and RSTe console works with the modded ROM and driver setup. As I have 2 other OROM’s in my BIOS (DEV. 2822 for RST 11.6 I think and DEV. 55aa for RST 12.7), also 3 different UEFI SATA driver modules (they are named: sata driver for RSTe 3.5, sata driver11 for RST 11.6 and sata driver12 for RST 12.7) my question is: are there any modded OROM’s for DEV. 2822 on X79 chipsets that I can use? In that case I think the console would work properly. Does anybody know why my 12.7 OROM has the device ID 55aa? (It’s in there since ASRock upgraded the mainboard to RST 12). And finally, does anybody have a modded UEFI SATA driver of the RST 12 branch for use with X79 chipset? I attached the original BIOS file for the case that somebody wants to take a look by himself.

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Hmm, the BIOS file is not supported. So here’s the link:…ownload&os=BIOS

No, you can either use one of the original DEV_2822 resp. DEV_55aa Intel RST v11/v12 OROMs, which are within the original ASRock BIOS, or one of the modded DEV_2826 Intel RST v11/v12 OROMs.

I just have checked your BIOS. The entry "8086:55aa", which has been done by ASRock, is absolutely misleading. There is no Intel SATA RAID Controller with the DeviceID DEV_55aa.
The Intel RST ROM v12.7.0.1936 OROM, which is wthin your BIOS and shown as being for DEV_55aa, is absolutely identical with the original Intel RST RAID ROM v12.7.0.1936, which has been designed just for DEV_2822 and DEV_282a. I suspect, that ASRock has chosen the characters "55aa", because the hex code offset 0 of the file starts with "55 AA".

Ok thank you for your quick reply. In that case I stay with the modded OROM/driver set up because of the working TRIM function. And is there a matching UEFI sata driver in sight, because I’d like to use the ultra fast boot function with working TRIM in the near future.

Regards hanson

AFAIK nobody has yet tried to modify any DEV_2822 SataDriver module version for being usable with an Intel X79 Chipset SATA RAID Controller (DEV_2826).
Furthermore it has to be tested,
a) if a BIOS containing such modded SataDriver module can successfully be flashed into an Intel X79 chipset mainboard and
b) if the modded SataDriver module will properly work with X79 RAID systems.

I see. I case somebody likes to do the modding work I’d love to do the testing :slight_smile:

I have sent you a PM.

Thanks a lot Fernando, I’ll test ASAP and give you feedback :slight_smile:

Hey Fernando,

the driver works fine. RST setup is available inside the BIOS and "Ultra fast Boot" functionality is given. I could test everything quickly, because my Windows is already installed in GPT format. Unfortunately I get negative TRIM results. But I will make a more detailled test tomorrow by building a new array with the driver from inside the bios (also secure erase before). I will let you know the results asap.

Best regards hanson

Which driver? You probably mean the Intel EFI SataDriver module v12.7.0.1936, which I had modified for being usable with your DEV_2826 SATA RAID Controller.

Run the Win8.1 Optimizer and then repeat the test.

Yes I meant the EFI SataDriver module. It works fine. Also TRIM result was positive after a reboot and optimization. As a conclusion: the system runs fine, thank you very much for your work and time.

Best regards hanson