modding ASUS ROG Maximus X Formula LGA1151 i need help


i try to unluck some feature but AMIBCP 5.02.0031 show me undefined value

and when i click save = crash and close nothing same

i upload what i need to unlock

4 values

1 value

1 value

i wait 2 month for update to AMIBCP but nothing come out

bios link…

@Nawafwabs - Yes, we wait 2+ years for AMIBCP updates between 5.02.0023 and 5.02.0031, but no one leaked anything lately.
This is $5000 program, and surely there is newer updates past 5.02.0031, but you have to pay or wait for a new leak

Can you see Advanced >> PCH Config page now?
Same, can you see >> Advanced >> USB Config Page?
And last one >> Advanced >> PCH Config >> PCI Express Configuration

Can you see all those root sections? If yes, I can make settings you wanted visible, if you cannot see some of those submenus, please show me image of your BIOS at root of Advanced so I can see what submenus you have visible and which I’d need to make visible first.

i take screenshoot from root i show PCH config and PCI Express

with usb config

thank you in advance <3

@Nawafwabs - I meant in your actual BIOS, not in AMIBCP… Can you see what I asked, all three things?

Im sorry for misunderstanding

Yes i see them all

@Nawafwabs - Great, thanks for the images Here is BIOS as you requested + a few others that people generally request with HPET mod (TCO Timer & SPD Write)
And + a few additional that possibly also got unlocked when I unsuppressed Legacy IO Low Latency due to how it was suppressed with other items. But, I didn’t change other items access level, so they may remain hidden and just that one revealed, unsure…677608149986946

I dont know how can i thank you

Dude you did great job

can you give me your paypal email

@Nawafwabs - You’re welcome, thank you for the quick report back and it’s great to hear all is working nicely!
I will send you PM in regards to PP

hello sir

i hope you doing fine

i want to unlock two feature

" usb 2.0 mode controller “

” xhci hand-off "

you had unlock me before :

1- xhci legacy support
2- high precision timer
3- legacy io low latency