modding bios to Support new GPU card

Someone has created the modded bios for the mobo PEGATRON 2AB6 ?

An user called "dealth" has modified the bios and right before the POST screen now appears the "legacy oprom" of the Graphic card initializes, and somehow makes it work.

Someone has this modded bios ?

Thanks in advance.

@74lobster - Maybe you mean “DeathBringer”? If yes, show me were you see this, and I will tag him here if it’s the same users.
Ohh, I see from link in PM you sent it’s not DeathBringer.
From that thread, see post #9 for mod BIOS, or dump your own BIOS and send to me, or you can edit with AMIBCP to make this change, it’s the only change required to make it work >> PCI ROM Priority to Legacy ROM


this user:


This is the original thread, please take a look (should be also attached the original file to modifiy):

[HELP REQUEST] Modify BIOS to show hidden settings - change Video OpRom policy - with programmer

Hi, have you tried to edit the bios of the mobo PEGATRON 2AB6 to enable the option "PCI ROM Priority to Legacy ROM" ?

il yes, could you please share the modded bios and also the files needed to upload it to the motherboard ?

Thanks a lot.

I signed up because I’m having this same problem now as well. I understand the theory but it looks like there’s still no solid answer on whether this has worked for OPs motherboard (same as mine)