Modding 'Hybrid EFI' firmware - for NVME?

Can it be done? The board is an GA-H67N-USB3-B3 (Gigabyte). The latest version is beta 10, here. Any ideas?

The latest Tianocore UEFI DUET Installer - UDK2017 - REFIND boot manager freezes.
Vanilla Clover + NVME is giving USB problems (no compatibility with Renesas chipset).

Your assistance is appreciated.


That file seems to be an AWARD 128 KB (DOS) loader along an INTEL ME descriptor and microcode.
granted the BIOS has already UEFI support, you could boot the USB flash drive without DUET.

booting the USB flash drive without DUET

From the “DUET_UDK2017_REFIND” archive locate the “Refind” directory,
select copy and paste the whole “Refind” directory on the root of a normal (non-bootable) USB flash drive.

On the USB flash drive rename the “Refind” directory to “EFI” and inside the “EFI\Boot” rename the “refind.efi” to “BOOTX64.efi”.

Go back to the “DUET_UDK2017_REFIND” archive and extract the “Efildr20” from the \Efildr\DUET\ subdirectory,
with something like either 7zip or LZMA unpack the inner archive, you should get an “Efildr20~” or something else you specified.

with something like either 7zip or LZMA unpack the “NvmExpressDxe.efi” and copy this file within the USB flash drive “EFI\Boot\drivers” directory.

Plug the USB flash drive on the target system and set “Boot from USB” in UEFI.

For anything else,
you might need to DUMP the CHIP first.

Awesome! I will try that out. Thank you!

This doesn’t work. I tried F9 and the beta F10. It won’t boot. Anyone have a suggestion?
Edit: Maybe someone knows how to install rEFInd or Super GRUB2 Disk with an NVME driver in a form that will function?

I’m sorry but both F9 and F10 are not full bios image, so… not owning that board I can’t help you further.
Anyway, if the board has UEFI, chance are that REFIND will work ( the BIOS won’t see the drive ).
See on the DUET - REFIND thread the USBSetup application and it’s relative procedure.

It was I that originally recommended rEFInd. It boots and loops endless Operating System Not Found. The default configuration does the same. I have made progress with Clover’s latest version and it appears everything is functioning. The last step is to boil it down to auto-starting the correct option. Thanks for the recommendations.