Modding Z590m gaming x and downgrade Intel RST EFI driver

Gigabyte z590m gaming x (F7a bios)
I need Windows Server with Intel RST Raid, but it dont work on latest drivers in this motherboard.
I already changed 18.3 Intel RST EFI driver to 16.7 by using UBU. But dont know is it worth to flash this bios… Great chance of bricking motherboard. Can i unbrick it by Q-Flash Plus?
Any ideas how to test it ?

Please explain

  • a) your current PC configuration (which OS, already installed or not, which sort of RAID array do you want or did you create, how did you or want you to create it) and
  • b) your target.

The original BIOS F7a contains the Intel RST EFI RaidDriver v18.31.1.5256 (and not any v18.3.x.xxxx one, which would be an VMD and not a normal RAID module).

ok :wink:

  1. no os for this time, want to install windows server 2016 on irst with x2 ssd samsung pro 1tb(RAID 1)
  2. It’ll be terminal(RDP) server
  3. I know better to buy RAID controller and no problem but it is not my solution

Thanks for having partly given the requested information.
A “Samsung Pro” SSD doesn’t exist. There should be some numbers before the “Pro”.
Have you already created the Intel RAID1 array? If yes, how did you do it?
What lets you think, that you may need to modify the BIOS?

I have already done IRST RAID1 with 2x Samsung SSD Pro 1Tb. But can’t install windows server because it dont support IRST anymore after 17 version. Thats why i want to change IRST in bios to older version

You can try to flash your already modded BIOS, but I doubt, that the result (if you should succeed) will be worth the risks of a BIOS flashing failure.
By the way - have you accurately read my replies?

Thanks! But i have open question. Can Q-Flash Plus unbrick motherboard after BIOS flashing failure ?

Q-Flash Plus is a special feature that lets you flash the BIOS without having a CPU, RAM, or video card installed. I doubt, that the tool is able to repair a bricked BIOS.

ok, thx a lot!