Modified MSI X470 Gaming Pro Carbon firmware

It’s not, they are correct, I checked that first thing even though I knew it couldn’t be that.
We wait on @vibraniumdroid test result, then look deeper. My next intended test is same edit I sent, or have you redo same, but keep exact hex image size as original, to rule out size issue.
Then after that test Gimp edit, and others, sometimes images do not display if BIOS does not like the format or how they were saved etc. Original image edit tool may have been Gimp, since there is no signed tool name in there, or formatting I recognize from other image save tools/methods etc.

Updated download link with first "official" release, no password as this one is considered non-beta.

Added a mock up image of the UI with the upcoming modified firmware, just so people can get a glimpse at it.

@vibraniumdroid ready for more testing? I’ve sent a link to lost for him to do his part for the new beta.

New firmware is up, tested by myself works nicely.

@ket - On this >>
11 - Added Power Cycle CMOS Clear option, enabled by default*
12 - Enabled Auto Clear CMOS option by default*

* Combined more often than not should save you from having to reach behind to fumble
with the CMOS reset button or messing with pulling the CMOS battery.

I make it even easier on myself, connect case reset switch to clear CMOS Pins, then simple to clear anytime I need to
You just have to get used to and remember you did this, only takes a few accidentals before you remember ]

Hah thats not a bad idea @Lost_N_BIOS but I need the reset switch as much as the CMOS clear so in my case not something I can do. Very creative way to work around having to fumble with stupidly designed CMOS clear buttons though like the X470 GPC has :smiley:

Would this possibly fix the issues with running Vista on Ryzen?

As some people have asked, yes when MSI release their next non-beta firmware for this board it will get the modded firmware treatment to restorge some of the boards prestige.

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hello Ket,
Is there any tutorial or guide to follow if want to mode msi nb gf63 thin 10sc click bios simple ui to have more bios tweakes and to change it to click bios 5? i followed UBU forum to update most of items still i want to have something similar to what you produced which is amazing! it’s pitty to have such laptop with limited functionnality.
Have i7 10750H 2600.0 MHz 32 GB DDR4
Appreciate any feedback

Hi @ket,

MSI finally released non Beta firmware.

Are we going to see an update?

Any chance to get it updated?