Modified MSI X470 Gaming Pro Carbon firmware

X470 Gaming Pro Carbon Modded Firmware

As the title says, something myself and Lost_N_BIOS have done some work with. Below is a full change list for all information and heads up you need.

Change Log:
Based on firmware 2E3 (beta)

Internal firmware updates:
1 - Updated CPU microcode x1 >> 810F11 (Most likely Zen3 APU or some Zen3 CPU support)

2 - Disk Controller
EFI AMD RAIDXpert2-Fxx - 9.2.0-00127 >> 9.3.0-00158
OROM AMD RAIDXpert2-Fxx - 8.1.0-00046 >> 8.1.0-0064
OROM AMD RAIDXpert2-Fxx - 8.1.0-00046 >> 8.1.0-0064
EFI AMI NVMe Driver present

3 - Video OnBoard
EFI AMD GOP Driver - >>
OROM VBIOS Raven - >>
OROM VBIOS Raven 2 - >>
OROM VBIOS Picasso - >>

4 - Network
EFI Intel PRO1000 UNDI - 7.0.06 >> 9.2.06
OROM Intel Boot Agent GE - 1.5.78 >> 1.5.88

5 - Added enhanced UI

Other Changes:

Advanced >>
6 - Renamed "Overclocking Profiles" to "Save \ Load OC Profiles" just to make things a bit clearer

PCI Subsystem Settings >>
7 - Added PCIE_4 Switch option, may or may not be useful

Integrated Peripherals >>
8 - Added HPET option
9 - Enabled Hot Plug support by default

USB Configuration >>
10 - Added Mouse pointer speed option

Boot >>
11 - Added Power Cycle CMOS Clear option, enabled by default*
12 - Enabled Auto Clear CMOS option by default*

* Combined more often than not should save you from having to reach behind to fumble
with the CMOS reset button or messing with pulling the CMOS battery.

Overclocking >>
13 - Added [DRAM Timing Mode] option, might help for people with mismatching RAM sticks
14 - Added [Core Voltage Auto Rule] option for a bit more flexibility
15 - Added [OC Retry Count] option

Advanced CPU Configuration >>
16 - Added [Precision Boost Overdrive Scalar] option
17 - Added [Customized PBO Scalar] option
18 - Added [Max CPU Boost Clock Override] option
19 - Added [PPT Limit] [TDC Limit] [EDC Limit] options
20 - Added [LN2 Mode 1] [LN2 Mode 2] options

Hardware Monitor >>
21 - Enabled [Smart Fan control] option by default on all headers
22 - Changed temperature source to CPU by default on all headers
23 - Completely reconfigured PWM values on all headers**
24 - Completely reconfigured DC Mode voltages***

** Should be suitable for 90%+ of people, reconfigured values aim to balance cooling capabilities
with noise, lowest possible noise for best possible cooling tradeoff basically.

*** CPU Fan 1 has DC Mode voltage of 12v (due to most people probably using this header to connect
AIO pumps as it has the most convenient positioning for cable management) DC Mode for all other
headers is 8v, 10v, and 12v.

Misc: Other small config changes to potentially give additional compatibility.

Enjoy! Ket, Lost_n_BIOS

How To Flash:
Method 1:
Extract to USB stick, flash with M-Flash.
Note: If you have already flashed E7B78AMS.2E3 downgrade to E7B78AMS.280 then flash this modded firmware.

Method 2:
1.Copy contents to a FAT32 bootable USB stick (use RUFUS)
2.Download THESE FILES and extract to USB
3.Boot from USB stick in UEFI mode then type and press enter after each command; fs0: followed by LS
>>>>>>>Repeat the above step until you find your USB stick<<<<<<<<<
4.Type and press enter after each command; CD EFI followed by CD BOOT
5.Type and press enter; AFUEFIX64 X470GPCC2D0.rom /P /B /K /N /REBOOT
6.Lastly a warning about mismatching information will appear, ignore it and just press "F".

Sit back and wait for the flash process to complete. This flash process is much more thorough than the default MSI way and ensures as clean as possible flash
with no garbage data from old firmware left behind.

----->> If you flash this firmware with M-Flash you [MUST] rename the file to E7B78AMS and change the extension to .2E3 <<-----

New UI

If any MSI devs happen to fly by this thread, no, our UI does not use any more space on the ROM than that horrible click-bios lite UI, we just put a lot more effort in and made some optimisations to some of the other images.


X470GPC 2E3 ~NEW!
X470GPC C2D0*
*This BIOS is a work in progress as such it is not representative of the finished article and may contain things for certain CPUs/APUs that are not meant to be displayed

To Do:


1. Look at bringing back the summary page that shows the user all settings that have been changed prior to saving and exiting
2. Look in to bringing back the ability to save profiles directly to the ROM. The structure for this is at least partially in tact still even for the latest stripped down firmware.

Other notes: These two options didn't need stripping from the UEFI both of them are extremely light on space requirements and certainly won't free up any worthwhile space (we are talking probably about 20kb here) to use for anything important.

Hopefully someone who tests will toss a few BIOS images ket’s way so he can add a few more “BIOS view” images once it’s been tested by a few users

We shall see @Lost_N_BIOS , CPU microcodes for 1st gen Zen might need to be put back from firmware 2.8 however to fix an issue with memory training instabilities.

@ket - why didn’t we keep them all in there, conflict?

@Lost_N_BIOS conflict is a possibility, but space reasons mainly to keep things as easy as possible to work with when the inevitable of having to update things for newer firmware releases happens as there won’t just be new CPU microcodes taking up space to contend with but a growing AGESA size and physical ROM space. I can’t remember how much space the ROM has with the X470 Carbon but I know its not a 256Mb ROM like the X470 Prime Pro has so it’s likely 128Mb which by the time that firmware image is uncompressed and flashed to the ROM it doesn’t leave much space for growth. Just another reason among many why I absolutely despise soldered ROM chips if it were socketed space concerns wouldn’t be an issue at all just buy a larger ROM or MSI could have offered a service where for the cost of P&P users could be sent a larger ROM to pop in.

I’d say the CPU microcodes from the official 2.8 firmware for 1st gen Zen would be a logical “upgrade” step but we need a few people willing to test what has been done so far first. As you were looking at the Microcodes did you happen to look at the ones from firmware 2.8 and compare with the ones from C2D0 for size differences?

@ket - Generally, it’s rare to see ucode space issues on modern BIOS, so it may be fine to add them all in there
No, when I checked microcodes, I only seen they were all updated to latest versions already in stock BIOS and same (all same ucodes, all same versions, all same/same) in mod file you sent me, so I looked no further.
If you want me to put in older ones too, updated to latest, I’d need to know which exactly need added back in, then I could see if space would be an issue or not.

@Lost_N_BIOS I know the R7 1700 has issues with G.Skill RipjawsV using Samsung B-Die with the newer firmware I don’t know if the problem is across all 1st gen Zen CPUs or just specifically with the 1700 but my instinct would be the issue duplicated itself across all 1st gen CPUs so I’d replace all of the 1st gen Zen microcodes with those from firmware 2.8.

BIOS sent with the older ucode, if you want to add to available options, if someone wants to test… I can’t believe we’ve had no replies from anyone testing this yet

I’ll put a few links here and there in other places I’ve got that Patriot Viper memory review I’ve been holding back for a good 3 months or so which was the last review I did on the Carbon, held it back waiting for a 3700X that never turned up so pushed ahead anyway hoping the 3700X would turn up so I could just make some amendments where needed. That plan didn’t exactly work out but the review is still good.

Made some minor changes to the firmware. Link updated.

What’s the encryption password?

I’ll test it, just don’t have the password to the file.

I’ll be able to share images once I flash it. Just need the password, the archive is encrypted.


Thanks @Lost_N_BIOS , almost missed this being buried in other things. I sent you a PM @vibraniumdroid.

what password for the bios?
there is any bug? such as cold boot?

@Lost_N_BIOS the firmware is working good but the updated UI isn’t working can you take a look at it from the updated download link?

@ket - thanks, I need password and images of the issue

You have PMs lost :wink:

In terms of functionality, there are no bugs. The theme is kind of messed up though. Overall, it’s definitely still usable. If you don’t mind the look, go for it.

@vibraniumdroid - Thanks for your testing for us, don’t worry, we will fix theme w/ your testing help (since neither of us have this board)
I think it’s just an image creation issue, I sent ket a BIOS with single image changed for you to test. I guess maybe to save time from waiting on PM’s back and forth, I will send to you now also

I’m looking in to the UI issue I think its to do with the modified image headers not being correct.