Modify BOOT Image

I recently acquired the Asus P5QL Pro motherboard to build an arcade machine. What I want is modify the bios to remove the intel logo and the "Press TAB to access POST Message…". To have a clean interface. With the ASUS MyLogo program I successfully changed the image, but the intel logo and te message are still there. How can I remove them? In which format are stored BIOS Images?

Thank you very much!

I have same mb and sharing your aim. I’m looking for the solution…Interestingly I couldn’t find any useful quick and dirty resource on net…It seems which bios part keeps this intel inside logo and “Press TAB…” text on bios boot screen has not publicly disscussed before. I tried a simple hack to make my boot splash screen bottom line white that hides the text :)… But amazingly intel logo turn to black and you can never hide it. The intel logo has some transparency settings too.

It seems we need to extract some intel related parts of rom e.g. microcode and read it with hex editor and search strings to find data to replace. Need luck…