Modifying BIOS Mode

Any way to add SATA IDE Compatibility Mode to new chipsets?

Hi XPLives, I was recently working on the 2 motherboards you mentioned in the other thread (ASRock Z68 & Z77 Fatal1ty Pro).
The Z68 had BIOS (UEFI) 2.23A and defaults to IDE mode for both Intel and ASMedia SATA controllers, whereas the Z77 with BIOS (UEFI) 1.70B defaults to AHCI mode for both of its controllers.
Both boards have an Aptio IV BIOS (UEFI) so I was able to mod the Z68 board’s BIOS with AMIBCP 4.55.0070 to set the default mode to AHCI for both SATA controllers (Intel and ASMedia), the same as the Z77 BIOS.
As for adding the IDE Compatibility mode to a BIOS that does not have it available at all (i.e. not a hidden option in the BIOS) I think your chances are slim to none.

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