Modifying BIOS to Add Dual Floppy Drive Support

BIOS MOD for Dual Floppy Support possible?

Dual Floppy drive support started disappearing from the BIOS as early as 2004/2005, so I don’t think it will be added back anytime soon.
I have looked through the BIOS for each board with AMIBCP 4.55.0070 and could not see any useful hidden options.

The options that were visible under “Super IO Configuration” for both boards are;
Onboard Floppy Controller - Enable / Disable
Change Settings - IO3F0h; IRQ=6; DMA=2; (Floppy Drive Address, Interrupt Request and Direct Memory Access)
Device Mode - Read Write / Write Protect

You could always get 2 x USB floppy drives but I assume you’ve already thought of that and USB floppy drives aren’t fit for purpose.
You would probably have more luck purchasing an old Pentium 4 (socket 462/478/775) CPU + Motherboard + RAM that does have dual floppy support.

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You are correct I’ve tested the USB floppies on it. The BIOS only limits 1 USB drive to be accessible in DOS. For example switching to B: redirects to A:. I’m trying to get pure hardware regular floppy drives dual linked to the FDC. I’ll PM the info.