Motherboard does not work after using ch341a

Greetings to all

I have a problem with my model motherboard: MPG MSI GAMING EDGE WIFI Z490

Trying to flash the bios with the CH341A (BLACK) programmer, my motherboard does not turn on any led, nor does it turn the fans, it is literally death


-Clear CMOS
-Change the CMOS battery
-Change the PSU
-Return to bios flash
-Use a new vinafix backup

But nothing seems to make the motherboard boot

Before using the CH341A the motherboard turned on

Could the bios chip be damaged? or is this the bad bios flash?

The sharing that my motherboard has is possible due to an error in the bios?

Why a new thread on the same subject if its the same here: z490 msi bios brick
Already told u to check voltages…5v stand-by power in PSW, 5v purple wire on atx 24pins, 3,3v to SPI/CMOS