Motherboard still in manufacturing mode exploits?

After I bricked my first mobo eventually finding my way to this blessed sight I purchased 2 lenovo thinkcentre M93p mobos for $30
I ended up recovering original bios with added nvme support via partial instructions from this site (I still cannot locate official guide on how to concatenate 2 bios files then after mod split file and program back) I did figure it out quickly so never checked new boards (wrapped in chinese lettered official lenovo packaging)
fpt revealed me in manufacturing state
there are multiple variables/functions accessible using cmd line prompts (I have no idea how to string cmds together nor what all these choice actually do
my questions is if we expand upon the clean me/initialized instructions using FIT tool could we not build a new factory image all regions unlocked but more importantly a reconfigured
image with voltage change/non needed startup review processes/startup ram allocation, etc
of course those settings and max board limits need to validated
this is factory origin level and Im thinking a pre-cursor to using amibcp after fit
id have to track down an intel guide for FIT for my specific chipset to see limitations and max potential settings
neutering ME, ram and OC support and reducing boot time being main goal but experiment suggestions/options with sharing data with those that helped me will not be a problem-if it works then trying the technique on newer bios without pch locks should be possible
this whole process could be deployed easily with a script-the M93p is also a hackintosh favorite-so am I missing something?
I tinkered with the original mobo dump in FIT way back when and upon saving an error stating this image had been used and it undid my changes-I still dont see how a new initializing ME image (which would not even be possible if not for this forums instructions) would
we be seen as such but Im sure it has to do with the ME being in non manufacturing mode at the time (I was using my orig mobo for this
test) so Im expecting better results wih the factory mobos-an opportunity to create a bios from scratch using official factory tools with a templates available sounds right up this groups alley-Im open to embedding a fernando custom driver, plutomaniacs cpuid and ME discoveries, expansion into 36 bit space, down and dirty boot sequence without the fat-hell Im even open to letting meatwar contribute the usual expertise

on a side note I had come across an official intel guide on how to program the spi for I think kaby lake and it said there are hardware locks on the SPI chip with no guarantees using hardware programmer (erasing hole chip to remove locks and program back doesnt actually erase the whole chip and would explain some kooky issues post flashing with programmer
i use neoprogrammer with the blue ch143 as the black one has a 5v power providing issue for 3.6v chips and gives inaccurate readings with neoprogramer tool able to temp unlock the bits before erasure-I wanted to write up a guide for noobs but no time

any suggestions on an attempt to create a factory image with fit and then on to amibcp tool for final image would be fantastic
a guide on concatente/combine would be great and would allow more folks to complete their projects themselves instead of having to request a mod and not learning anything

thank you for your time but not your silence