Move Win 7 HDD Image from a Serial Ata Installation to another Laptop with NVMe

Hello ,

i´m trying to shift a Windows 7 HDD-Image from a Dell Latitude E5570 with a Serial ATA SSD to a Dell Latitude E5580 Model with an NVMe SSD. We clone the first disk with acronis. Sadly< all my Efforts to run the image on the NVMe SSD do not work. I´ve installed both of the MS Hotfixes running the 5570 and installed the (what i suppose are the NVMe driver) and the USB 3.0 driver. After cloning and installing it on the 5580 Window stries to boot but dies in a 0x7B BSOD.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

@Raul :
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My suggestion is to do a fresh OS installation onto the NVMe SSD.
This is much easier and safer than to try cloning the boot and system partitions from an OS, which is/was running with another protocol (here: SATA AHCI).
Additional benefit: You can start your new system without any garbage resp. unusable residues from your previous work.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Hi and thank you for the nice welcome.

the thing is that there is a LOT of software installed and it most likely would take much longer than sheduled and some settings from
the old image might get lost. I won´t argue that a reinstall is the far cleaner way but i was hoping to at least boot it and check if it
works, but so far i always get a bsod. I thought that i implement the changes in the working laptop, clone it on a new one and get
it running.


1) Do you see the NVMe SSD in the boot-menu?
2) Did you install the native support for NVMe in Win 7:
KB2990941 & KB3087873?


1 - What boot menu do you mean? In the Bios as boot option? if so than yes.

2 - i´ve installed both hotfixes on the working laptop before cloning.