moving to raid

MB Asusrock Taïchi XE and intel i9-7920XE
ssd 960 Pro 2TB NVME (windows 10 and server 2016 dual-boot)

I received a second ssd 960pro and i would like to make a raid 0
But is it possible, is it achievable without reinstalling my two OS ?
Thanks in advance

I’ll use Acronis to make an image

It may be possible, but - to be honest - I do not recommend to try it.
This is the procedure:

  1. Make a complete backup of your currently used 2 system drives (can be done from within the Windows OS or by using a good “Backup & Recovery Tool”) and store it somewhere outside the NVMe SSDs. Furthermore I recommend to store the most important files on an USB Flash Drive.
  2. Insert the second NVMe SSD and create the Intel RAID0 array (all existing data of both NVMe SSDs will be lost).
  3. Do a fresh install of both Operating Systems onto 2 different partitions of the RAID0 array.
  4. Let a suitable “Backup & Recovery Tool” do the migration of the data from the backuped non-RAIDed system drives to the new ones within the RAID0 array. This is the most critical part of the procedure.

I assume Acronis can restore image as-is to created array, if not I would personally use Macrium Reflect because I know it can do this no problem.
Before you create the backup image, you need to enable RAID booting from both systems though, here’s how for windows

Enable switching between all IDE/AHCI/RAID modes by changing “Start” Values in these keys to 0

Thanks for this Lost_N_BIOS
Maybe it’s the same for windows server 2016, i’ll google

I think it probably is @plaw Check in registry and you should see those keys I bet

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE System CurrentControlSet Services storahci
changing zero to a three disables the startup of a driver,

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE System CurrentControlSet Services iaStorV StartOverride
REG_DWORD change the value data from three to zero

Only the "Start" key entry is of interest to this process, not startoverride (or maybe that is server specific?)

Set all to zero

I decided to make a clean installation of windows
DIY in IT is not a good thing because it attracts trouble
It was finally quite simple to do
I decided to mount a second pc with an intel I9-7980XE because I really want to test intel VROc technology

Clean install is always best, but we all know the hassle it can entail sometimes. Sometimes you have to give in and do it for sanity reasons

What do you think of my values

I think damn, I need some new SSD’s, or at least some NVME SSD!