MSACHI 1.0 usage

I have set up this configuration on a W7 SP1 64 bits RAID 0 ASUS P8Z77-V DELUXE Platform.
The 2 ‘grey’ Intel Z77 ports SATA 6G ports are used for the SSD RAID 0 Array.
And on the 2 ‘navy blue’ MARVELL SATA 6G ports i have connected 2 SATA 6G peripherals: a SSD Corsair and a classical HDD.
As you know the TRIM command is not interpreted by MARVELL driver, this is the reason why i have replaced it by the old Microsoft standard MSAHCI 1.0 driver.
With MSAHCI the TRIM works on the connected SSD (trimcheck is OK).

The side effect to use this MSAHCI 1.0 driver is that for unknown reason the both 2 connected peripherals after few minutes, if they are not used, comes in hybernation.
I have detected this because when clicking on SHUTDOWN the system in fact do a RESTART and i have difficulties to stop the system …
How to remedy to this problem ?

@ 100PIER:

You can prevent, that your HDD/SSD is going into the “Sleep Mode” after a certain idle time, if you do the following

  1. Open “the Conrol Panel” > “System and Maintenance” > “Power Options”.
  2. Under the “Preferred plans” section, click on “Change plan settings” link of the power plan selected.
  3. Click on “Change advanced power settings” link at the bottom.
  4. Expand the “Hard Disk” tree branch and go to “Turn off hard disk after …”.
  5. Reduce the value of the minutes to “Never”.
    It should look like this (here: German settings):

    Energy Options - disable sleep mode of HDDs.png

  6. Hit "Apply" and "OK".

i understand the concept. But i have not exactly all the menus you detail. I refer to W7 SP1 64 bits Home Family OS.
Under Configuration Panel i have 3 differents choices such as: Power Management or System or Maintenance Center.
I have not “System and Maintenance” !
Under Power Management i have a similar menu as you describe but no possible choice between different devices.
It seems the “never” option applies for ALL the system (the RAID structure ?) , and of course i had already set to ‘never’ for this option.
The shutdown problem occurs with this ‘never’ option set.
So, WHY i have no choice to select in a tree the SSD/HDD device to apply the ‘never’ option that i would apply to the 2 SATA 6G devices connected to the MARVELL ports ?

Nota: i have tried to include in this text one screen capture (*.jpg file of only 182 Ko) but “UPLOAD” function did not work (freeze).