MSI B75MA-P45 fastest stable configuration

thanks for the previous replies to other threads.
Current main PC is using i3-3225 and for OS one single Samsung SSD 830 128 GB (B75 shouldn’t support RAID anyway).
OS is Win 7 64 installed in UEFI mode (GPT) and boot time is rather short.
did the extraction from the current BIOS and inside the latest bios have Intel (R) RST SATA driver.
Actual driver in Windows is iaStor.sys version
Will I have any benefit in updating bios and/or OS driver, considered RAID will never be an option?
Boot time and speed are equal priorities but shouldn’t compromise reliability.

@ elisw:

As long as you are satisfied with the performance and stability of your system, I wouldn’t change anything regarding the Intel EFI SataDriver and RST driver versions.

if people were easily satisfied with their toys, lots of interesting stuff (including this informative forum) wouldn’t exist…
someone calls it “upgradeitis”… I got the current RST driver off here and shaved 1/2 second off the boot time.