MSI FM2 A75MA-E35 bios mod (request)

Hi Everyone, i’d like to ask is my MSI FM2 A75MA-E35 can support boot NVME via PCI-e adapter? If yes, can i ask for help to mod the bios for it? My bios version is V1.7.
Thanks in advance. (4.3 MB)

Yes it can, follow the guide and use the MMTool method, insert the standard DXE module.
[HowTo] Get full NVMe support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS

As all flash of mod bios, it has its risks, make backups of ur current SPI and proceed at ur own.

Thanks for the reply @MeatWar. Which kind of NVMe to PCIe adapter that works for my board? Im confused because there’s 3 PCIe slots in my board: Long (blue color) x1 and short (black color) x2.

Your motherboard only has 3 PCIe slots, 1 Blue x16 and 2 black x1, the last one black is PCI slot.
If ur using a dedicated GPU in the Blue x16, ur only option is a PCIe adaptor x1, like this <one>

If the the Blue x16 is free, then this is the most <suitable>

EDIT: That one its x4 Lane PCIE adaptor, only fits the Blue slot for it (Usually in use by a dedicated GPU card…)
Can u see that its a bit longer than the x1 (Slot adjacent) in that image.

U only have in ur mboard 1 x16, 2 x1 and an old PCI 32bits.


ok MeatWar, im attaching screen shot here… is the adapter will work? :slight_smile:

This one it’s good enogh for your board :…07S636JYD&psc=1


Ok thanks for the info BdMaster, but if im gonna use the x1 slot what kind adapter that you suggest?

Its linked on my post

Hmm… ok MeatWar, it looks like im success compiling the nvme modul to my board bios :slight_smile: (7721.v.230) and already flash it to the bios. Im planning to upgrade my A4 5300 to X4 750, and using dedicated vga card (thats fit enough to my tight budget XD ). So maybe im gonna using the x1 slot for nvme. About the speed of x1 slot is it different compare to x16 slot for the adapter?

I just present u ur best option due to the use of the x16 slot with a dedicated GPU, of course that the speed/bandwidth/performance will be a little slower, no miracles here!
Do benchmarks with the APU, the x16 against the x1 and ull see the numbers.

Yeah i will :D, thanks again for the suggestion MeatWar and BdMaster. I already order the adapter and the nvme ssd from the local marketplace in my country (indonesia). Cheers!

The system works like a charm. Just like own new machine (the current build came from early 2014) haha… thanks!