MSI GF63 8RD bios/EC - wifi problems

I suspect the problem I have is due to the wireless adapter not being sent enough power while the dGPU is in load. Is there anyone that can look into it and try modding the EC to either make GPU use less power or get the adapter use the same power overall while in use in any conditions ?

This is the problem described in detail, I also created another thread around here trying to get some help:

Hello everyone! I’ve been posting and searching on the internet for a while and didn’t really find a solution (didn’t find the problem either). So i own a MSI laptop - GF63 8RD - i7 8750h + 1050ti(max-q) + 16gb (hyperx 2666 cl15 oced to 3200 cl17) + sn750 1tb + 1tb hdd. It came with an intel ac9462 which i replaced with an ac9560 (because I tought the adapter itself was problematic). The internet connection is not stable while gaming on 5Ghz, it looks like it has no traffic because it stays connected but games reach incredible big pings (rarely it even disconnects); other devices on the same network are not affected and work flawlessly.
After doing some windows re-installing, driver tests (intel/msi support/windows), testing stock settings or my normal settings that include some OCs, UVs and others I observed something strange:
-Laptop on AC + dGPU + 5Ghz => no internet
-Laptop on AC + iGPU + 5Ghz => works
-Laptop on AC + dGPU + 2.4Ghz / 5Ghz(20mhz bandwith) => works
-Laptop on battery + dGPU + 5Ghz => works (possibly because gpu is limited)
!!! Laptop on AC + dGPU + 5Ghz using a DFS channel on the router => works and have no idea why ----- can’t keep a stable DFS channel on the router i own (it changes daily or even more often) that’s why I’m still looking for a solution - you can also recommend some budget dual link (1200mbps+) that have DFS channels you can manually select.

-Tested this on 3 different routers.

The only thing I didn’t try yet was replacing the antennas (regarding the hardware) or flashing a modded bios or EC for this model. I think the problem can be related to the adapter not being sent enough power while the dGPU is in load.

Later edit: Here is a link where you can find latest bios/ec if you wish to help: