msi gl62 6qf no fw me in bios after change pch and clean me

hello everyone, I encounter this problem when changing new pch, it was changed because the previous one exploded the kernel, then a dump of the old bios with external programmer was extracted because it did not initiate the change of pch

After extracting a dump, he unloads bios stock from the page plus which he started and started but turned off after 30 min, then proceeded to clean me region with fit which also starts but turns off after 30 min, in both cases when accessing the bios all the correct information appears except me firmware version

try to proceed to the clean me / the guide
d4. COME 11 - 12 & CSTXE 3 - 4 but in step 7 fit differs from the content in the image and I don’t know how to generate the keys, I don’t know if the error is here, or something is missing

I attach the two .bin images to see if you can guide me in my mistakes and learn more

Sorry for my poor English, greetings from Spain.

Step 7 is not for your system. You are supposed to skip it, per the instructions, since you cannot find the requested section. Attached is the CSME-cleaned SPI image.

outimage_fix.rar (3.81 MB)

thanks for the prompt response, outimage that I uploaded only change me binariy file in flash layount I gave it to build image and probe, so I have seen in outimagefix that went up to upload me higher region I have tried the image on the laptop and still doing the same, bios shows a fw me and turns off in 30 min

I don’t know what I’m missing, memanuf leaves error 86 and 125 and 117 and doesn’t let me interact with either windows or ms-dos boot

I do not understand what you’re saying. If the CSME-cleaned SPI image does not help, then the problem is elsewhere, probably corrupt BIOS. I’ll move this to the BIOS section.

Sorry for my bad translation, outimagefix doesn’t work,
the case is similar to

help ! laptop broken and no power, so pch chip (sr2c4) changed and turn on repaired but after 30 minutes shutdown
me info is the same as image # 5 of the previous post

If you can guide me in following tests it would be an honor, I don’t know how to fix it

Could it be fpf problem?
in principle pch is new without blown fuse
pch is sr2ca



issue fixed, the solution was a new known pch chip with virgin efuse, now it recognizes intel me region and does not crash after 30 minutes, outimagefix is ​​good, the previous pch apparently had effuse open and was not new, thanks for your help and patience, regards