MSI GP60 2PE Leopard ME troubles


i have a troubles with my laptop:
intel hub did not send signal to discrete video PWM, i think it is because ME did not work properly
in BIOS system information have this: ME FW Version N/A
previous owner do reflashing bios, but i dont have original dump
as I understand, lost some important settings

meinfo -fwsts says that:
CurrentState: Init
ManufacturingMode: Disabled
FlashPartition: Valid
OperationalState: Bring Up
InitComplete: Initializing
BUPLoadState: Succes
Errorcode: Debug Error
ModeOfOperation: Normal
Phase: BringUp
ICC: No valid OEM data, ICC not programmed
ME File system Corrupted: No

i made dump using prog, edit R/W access to FF in descriptor, reflash and that’s all, i have no idea what to do next

sorry for my english

Attach the current system dump, we should try to clean the ME region first. However, I don’t like the “VSCC_FAILURE” error. It probably indicates that the system uses a different SPI chip from the one it originally shipped with.

oh yes, original image of bios have a size 8 mb, and my dump is 16mb
and half filled by zeros, This alarmed me a little

the previous owner may have changed on the first available

ge60_dmp.rar (3.12 MB)

Ah, that was not a good idea from his part. He should have chosen the exact same chip or at least one that is very similar. The ME stores firmware at the SPI chip and needs to read and write to that region, the “ME Region” as we call it. The OEM is responsible for adding the required VSCC entries at the Flash Descriptor (and BIOS? - not sure) so that the ME can work with the SPI chip the system ships with. In your case, the ME cannot communicate/work with that different SPI chip, cannot initialize and thus the “VSCC_FAILURE” error. Two options, either use the original 8MB chip (or a new one which is identical to the original) or edit the VSCC entries at FITC to accommodate that new chip and then reflash the SPI image with the modified FD + cleaned-up ME. Problem is, I don’t really know how to add these VSCC entries other than the fact that they can be found at FITC > Descriptor Region > VSCC Table. Should be easy enough I suppose if you know the three values that FITC can adjust. Maybe the chip’s datasheet can be of help in such case. Either way, there is no reason to cleanup or reflash the ME until it can work with the SPI chip (without VSCC failure).

on my board i have a winbond w25q128fv, but i dont know whts is original chip

YEAH i found!
vendor id for winbond is 0xEF, its matched
but DevID0 & DevID1 is 0x40 0x18

its not in VCC table

i edit that, but have a troubles again, cannot build image in FITC, he says that


ERROR: OEM Public Key Hash cannot be empty, all 0's, or all 1's when Force Boot Guard ACM Enabled is true in the selected Profile.
Build thread exit code = 105.
WARNING: The Manageability Application configuration parameters will not be used because Manageability Application is set to permanently disabled.
Please refer to Features Supported or the SKU drop down selection to change this setting.

You must be doing something wrong, I didn’t face any error. I followed the cleanup guide with FITC v9.0 and also changed the “VSCC Device 3” entry from 0x17 to 0x18 so now it’s what you want, meaning 0xEF , 0x40 and 0x18. Flash the provided SPI image with “fptw -f ge60_dmp_fix.bin” followed by “fptw -greset” command and let me know how it goes after the reset. I’m interested to see if fixing the VSCC problem is that easy and hopefully not BIOS-dependent at all.

ge60_dmp_fix.rar (3.11 MB)

this is worked! ME is ok
in device manager Intel Management Engine doesnt have a ! sing anymore, bios shows ME version

but dont fix my videocard issue :frowning: maybe this is hardware problem, i will continue to research
thank you for help!


some errors

memanufwin64 -eol
Intel(R) MEManuf Version:
Copyright(C) 2005 - 2013, Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.
GBE Region does not exist.
Error 9311: CF9GR is not locked
Error 9283: Region access permissions don't match Intel recommended values
Error 9310: Intel(R) ME is still in Manufacturing Mode
Error 9271: Flash Id 0xEF4018 Intel(R) BIOS VSCC value mismatch
Programmed value of 0x20052005 doesn't match the recommended value of 0x2025
See PCH SPI programming Guide for more details

Error 9322: MEManuf End-Of-Line Test Failed

So fixing the VSCC Failure error is easy enough. This “Error 9271” might indicate that the VSCC is also checked from the BIOS. Not sure how to alter that but at least the ME now works. The gpu issue, whatever that is, has nothing to do with the ME. It’s normal for MEManuf -EOL to show that error since your Flash Descriptor is currently unlocked. Bare MEManuf (no -EOL) should report Operation Passed in green. If you want to lock the Flash Descriptor then use Flash Programming Tool with “fptw -closemnf” command.