MSI H110 Pro-VH voltage control

A friend of mine borrowed me his i7 6700, as he is not able to use his pc for a long time, so I tried to use it, put it in the motherboard, everything worked well, until I booted into Windows, where it almost immediately bluescreened, I tried restarting the PC over, and over, and over again, and I would get a different BSOD error almost every single time, so I decided to go into the BIOS, and reset it, still, BSOD, I reconfigured the BIOS, and when I went into the hardware monitor, to change my fan curve, I noticed the cpu voltage is a bit low for an i7, it was at 1.046V, I believe an I7 needs like 1.2V, but there is no option to change the CPU voltage in the BIOS, only PCH and DRAM voltages, so I am currently unable to use my i7, but the most interesting thing is that when I put a pentium g4500, the voltage goes up to 1.15V, closer to the 1.2V needed. So, if possible, I would like to know if there is any way to get voltage control, either by modifying my bios, or by software, thanks.