MSI MPG Z390 Pro Gaming Carbon AC

Hi, I want to have HPET disabled on this board.

And there is no legacy raid OROM with the board in CSM and no option for it… Can anyone help me unlock the OROM INTEL RST, and disable HPET?

There is Legacy RAID Orom, I checked, both EFI and Legacy are Leave CSM enabled, enable RAID = done

Disable HPET no problem, is that all you need?

That’s all I need, yes…In both CSM mode and UEFI mode, the options are inside the bios. They remapped Nvme disks will not get detected in Linux and assembled with mdadm or dmraid, when configured in anything but option rom…

Btw I don’t need it visible if it’s easier to hard disable. If not, visible is fine too.

But I just checked, ctrl + I will never load the option rom outside of bios by default atleast.

But I can configure raid in the bios. But not the outIside of bios stuff.

@LOST_N_BIOS hpet is enough and just hard disable it, I can use my own time on the legacy oprom…

@petterkkk - Sorry, I don’t know anything about Linux, if there is some Linux related RAID issue, you need to speak with MSI directly about fixing that.

Making HPET visible is MUCH more difficult for me to do, because I have to do a long time consuming data collection thing to then swap one menu for chipset menu to give you access to the HPET option.
Disabling it by default is MUCH Easier, and takes far less time for me to do.

For Control + I you must have two or more disks connected to a controller that allows them to RAID together (This may not apply to NVME at legacy level)

So you just want HPET hard disable BIOS mod?

Yes just that. And btw I have 2 hdds and 2 nvmes. They never appear outside of bios but no worries… Running 2 is now with raid in Linux so works fine, just not raid with RST.

@petterkkk - flash via M-Flash, do not rename…217084758134621

So, setup RAID inside BIOS, maybe MSI borked the Control+I functionality on purpose so you’d be forced to use their implementation?

@Lost_N_BIOS That worked FLAWLESSLY - Thanks so much. I also swapped out (with UBU) the RAID OROM from 17.5.x.x → 16.5.3489 and achieved better performance from the raid setup. I just read up on some benchmarks. I also fixed the newest Microcodes, GOP, VBIOS and Intel OROM/PXE roms. If someone wants this bios, let me know.

Ofcourse this could have been done (better) by LOST_N_BIOS than myself, but I dont want to hassle you too much bro…


Thanks alot! Will donate.

i need your help please, i have 390 pro carbon gaming and i want disable hpet but like you he is hidden… Thanks for share