MSI Notebook BIOS Mod

Hi Fernando,
i think i must write in english even if i´am german.

i want to change the RST Modul of the BIOS of my new GE70 Notebook. it is here.

i tried both ways, to replace the existing ROM or Sata Driver the way you Show it here.
But i cannot Flash the Bios, i always get an error reading "Wrong Image Format"
Any idea?

@ Barry Ricoh:
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Maybe MSI has inserted a BIOS checksum control system, which realizes any BIOS modification and refuses to flash it.
Which OS are you running resp. do you want to install?
Are you going to install the OS in UEFI mode?


It is the original installed Win 8. I think it is installed in UEFI mode, but im not shure. How can i check it?

Open the Disk Management. If you see a 99 MB sized EFI System partition, the OS has been installed in UEFI mode.
By the way:
Why do you want to update the Intel RAID modules? The newest BIOS of your notebook contains quite actual Intel RAID ROM and Intel EFI RAID SataDriver modules. Both are v12.0.0.1783.

Yes there is a 300 MB EFI Partition.
i think the new rst Version is
i updated the Drivers to

@ Barry Ricoh:

Yes, the latest Intel RST(e) RAID ROM and SataDriver versions are v12.7.0.1936.
Please describe how you had modified the BIOS.
Did you use original or already modified Intel RAID RM resp. SataDriver modules?
Did you get any error message while updating the RAID ROM/SataDriver modules by using the Aptio AMI MMTool?
Since the SataDriver modules are checksum sensitive, it is very important to insert a module with the correct internal checksum.

I have modified the Bios as you discribed it here in the Forum, and i used the files you offer here.
But i have only changes one module, say only the sata Driver or only the Raid Rom, not the both.
I get no error Messages, and the filelength is identical to the original.
Only the gui of the satadriver is different than the one in your guide.

Now i tested a bios in which i changes both satadriver and ROM, but no Change. Same Error when try flashing.

@ Barry Ricoh:

If you have done the BIOS modding procedure according to my guide and using the original (untouched) Intel RAID ROM and SataDriver modules, I will not be able to help you.
My advice:
Please contact the MSI support and ask , which sort of checksum control system they have implemented into the BIOS.

May be try modding a backup, that way I think you should get to keep all your BIOS settings.

Save BIOS. Open admin cmd prompt in Win x64 and run "afuwinx64.exe MyBakup.rom /O

Modify “MyBakup.rom” and save as "MyMod.rom"

Check file. Open admin cmd prompt in Win x64 and run "afuwinx64.exe MyMod.rom /D
What do you get?

Not sure what options you need for flashing, just /P option maybe since it’s only the BIOS region being updated, and you might want to consider DOS for actual flashing.

I am not sure about the SATA UEFI Driver for modding, not only does it have a different GUID but it is also missing the legacy GUID in the header.