MSI Z270 Gaming M5 Coffee Lake Support

Hello. Could you help me locate BIOS chip on this same motherboard ?
It might be under the chipset heatsink, but i might be wrong.

Hi @Lost_N_BIOS @dsanke ,
sorry if i’m resuming this old post.

I’ve seen that MSI added Resizable Bar and W11 support for the Z370 Gaming M5 last year, can you help me to do a bios mod on my Z270 Gaming M5 with 8700k?

Here is the link of the new bios 7B58v1B4

Thanks in advance :innocent: (8.5 MB)
Use M-Flash to flash this file.


Thanks man, worked great :+1:t2::sunglasses:

Dear Dsanke tried to install this bios with xeon QQLS, but not successfully, I tried FPTW and ch341a programmer - reboot when the bios image appears, rolled back to the bios posts above, it works fine. The bios rules are of course Coffee Time 0.99. Please tell me, I really want to update the bios to the latest.

@Evdim (7.6 MB)
Try this file. Do not edit with Coffee Time or other tools. Just flash it.


Dear Dsanke, thank you so much, it works perfectly! Respect!

Hi Dsanke

Could you please help me to update Bios on MSI Z270 Gaming M5 to switch from 7700k to 9700k?

I checked tou many different topics regarding coffee lake update, but still dont understand, where is bios chip located to take dump bios and next update bios with compability with 9700K

Thank you in advance!

@Virtuozo (7.5 MB)
just flash via M-Flash utility in BIOS.
This BIOS was modified based on original Z270 BIOS, not port from Z370, if you want the Z370 port one, please use the file included #5 , and replace BIOS file with the one included #22.

Hello @dsanke , i am curious, how this Z370 bios port to Z270 bios was done, for the same board layout (like Z370 A and Z270 A have the same exact board layout), how was it done?

Use FIT to decomp the original Z270 BIOS, and replace BIOS region with Z370 extracted one.
And if necesssary, replace the SLI certification (usually located in DSDT), replace the IGFX stuffs (vBIOS & GOP VBT), and the verb table for audio. Some motherboard do not support SLI, so there is no certification to replace. And most motherboard have the same IGFX and audio settings. Choose the most suitable donor is the most important thing for port BIOS.
The Z370 BIOS should be patched to support 6/7th, such as remove some verification for pci host bridge id or add cpu microcode.
If you like, you can adjust the model name in Setup/AMITSE/DMI, to make it looks like Z270.
And for ASUS BIOS, some other stuffs need to be removed, such as the TPU firmware, the RGB controller firmware, and the ME updating module.
I do not recommend port BIOS, unless the motherboards are very similar. Such as the Supermicro C7Z270-CG-L vs C7Z370-CG-L.

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Hi Dsanke

Now everything work correctly, thank you so much