MSI Z77A-GD65 and controller ASMedia ASM1063

Hi ,

In older versions of bios for the motherboard was shown rom version → ASMedia rom v.0.951 , in the new bios version no longer.

You can be changed to a newer version, even as it is hidden?

MMTools + old bios Link present 1b21 , 611 and 1b21 , 612 and 1b21 , 613 and intel vid 8006

MMtools + new bios Link present only intel vid 8006

I ask out of curiosity .

Probably yes. Have you connected any drive to the ASMedia SATA port running in AHCI mode?

Yes . This port AHCI mode , outside the computer case .

An ASMedia AHCI OROM may only be useful, when you want to boot off a device, which is connected to an ASMedia SATA port running in AHCI mode.
Why don’t you just insert an appropriate ASMedia AHCI ROM like v0.97 into the BIOS?

OK, I want to insert a new bios ASMedia AHCI ROM v0.97, but the latest BIOS there is no entry 611 and 612.
There are only 8006 .

Old bios vid 611 and 612 yes entry .