MSI-Z97M-G43 Advanced Menu Mod + uCode Upd



1. Full, originally hidden, Advanced Menu added at - OC section >> Advanced (Top of page)
2. Updated all CPU Microcodes to latest as of 7/10/19

Flash as per normal via M-Flash, do not rename file.

Rename file >> to >> MSI-Z97M-G43-7924v1C-Adv-uCode-Mod.z01 >> Then extract main zip (this is split archive)

Or here is single file (7zip), for anyone like me that finds this attachment system to be a mess…352943970469379 (6 MB) (425 KB)

If you worked with this bios, do you know if it has a hidden option to setup bifurcation?

It does not have any hidden settings for BIF