Multiple Raid Arrays on the same set of HDD's


i got a "free hardware allowance" from work and since coincidentally my two trusty Spinpoints started producing reallocated sectors i decided to geek out a bit on my HDD-storage.

I am planning to buy 3 x HGST Ultrastar 7K2 Drives, put the first 100 or so Gigs into a raid 0 (aka short-stroked raid) and use the remaining space in Raid 5 configuration to store backups / movies other less frequently used stuff.

Is the IRST-Software on a Z87 Board capable of multiple Arrays on the same drive set?

Please do not berate me about "raid not being a backup" and so on and so forth. I have external backups and my OS runs on a 64GB mSata.
However i have 2 old 64GB Samsung SSD 470 in Raid 0 that i use for games.
Since i cannot acces the smart values of these i want to keep a "lazy backup" avaliable in case they blow up. Thats what the Raid 5 will be used for.

Thank you in advance for the valuable input.

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I doubt, that any mainboard will support it. What lets you think, that such RAID configuration is possible at all?
A RAID array is a combination of several disk drives (HDDs/SSDs), but I have never heard about a RAID array consisting of several partitions, which belong to the same disk drive.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

It was an advertized feature of the old Intel Matrix Storage Manager. And as i take it that got integrated into the IRST.

See here for example:

That document is from 29-07-2016, but it refers only to some raid controllers i have no clue about. The last definitve compatibility table stopped at the ICH10 chipsets.


Maybe i phrased the question wrong. I want to split up my drive capacity 3x1TB to ~100GB in Raid 0 = 300GB and the remaining 900GB to Raid 5 = 1.8 TB


You are actually wrong, you can create several different arrays on the same disks. For example, on a computer at work which has 2x WD 1TB Black; first i created a 200GB RAID0 and then all the remaining is on a RAID1. Then i partitioned the first array with two partitions (one is the boot partition and the other the system partition) and partitioned the second array in only one partition for file storage.

This is on a Z170 motherboard tho, but im pretty sure what you want to do is achievable on a Z87 too, i even swear i did this on a old computer with an ICH8R controller.

Yea thats exactly what i wanted to know. Thanks!