MXIC MX25L12873F


I recently bought three MXIC MX25L12873F bioses totally programmed, just in need to connect on motherboard for my Lenovo Thinkpad x1 carbon (6th generation). All three of the bioses, showed some problems recently.

BIOS chips of the following brand:


Problems are:

- Laptop turn off/restart after some time of working,
- It does not turn on when it is off, without removing battery of laptop,
- Make work on laptop hard blocking/lagging,
- Sometime starting laptop stop by

What can be cause for this?
Is it because I changed the original BIOS and new one is not compatabile?

@london1 - Three BIOS, what do you mean? Sounds like ME Issue, is it shutting down at exactly 30 minutes each time?

Do you have flash programmer, like CH341A and SOIC8 test clip? Is this replacement chip same as original one for the main ID MX25L12873F?
Please link to original BIOS download for this system, and are you using that latest BIOS now (reflashed after you replaced chip)? If you are not using latest BIOS, go ahead and flash it in, in case pre-programmed ones you are using had older or bugged BIOS programmed to them

@Lost_N_BIOS I meant I have 3 new same bioses and none of them works. The thing is that I got same laptops and needed bioses for all of them.

The time of shutting down is not the same, even sometimes it can work days without shutting down, but if I turn it off right now after some minutes I can not start it. one of the laptops don’t even start.

And no I don’t have flash programmer myself, but I ordered bios chips for this type of laptops and the one who flash programmed was in the knowledge about details of laptop(and Motherboard ofc) so yes it’s the same as original chip. I don’t really know if it is the latest BIOS, but just wanted to ask what could be the main cause of this problem?

And I also forgot to mention that Bioses have been locked before flashing. All the problems started after i unlocked the bios password.

How are you Unlocking the password? Or does that mean they’re password locked, until you replace the BIOS, and that’s why you replace the BIOS?

When you purchase pre-programed BIOS it’s usually incomplete, but will run the system (Often missing 3/4 of the NVRAM that should be there, and much of that is settings that may be needed)

Check and see if it’s latest BIOS, and even if it’s not, reflash the latest BIOS from manufacturer, this way if there is EC or ME it may get reflashed properly or updated if it’s currently not.
I can look into that if you’ll link me to a stock BIOS download from the manufacturer, need the complete exe or package from them, not BIOS taken out.

Since it’s not 30 minutes every time, doesn’t sound like it’s a ME problem. Have you ran Memtest86+ on these systems, for a long time not 20 minutes, I mean 8+ hours at least. If not, do that, to see if the memory is going bad.
Other than that, I would look at testing the hard drives to see if they are OK, then maybe clean windows installs in case something is messed up there.

They may all be faulty boards for some reason, and seller only put passwords on them to make it look like that was why they were selling them, ie “couldn’t unlock pass, otherwise OK” when really not and they know it.