MXM Laptop PCIE Subsystem ID Swap

Does anyone know if its possible to change the pcie subsystem id on a laptop motherboard? specifically to allow stock drivers from nvidia to install without errors relating to a gpu being from the wrong generation. i have a dell m6800 with a p5000 quadro card. it works but i would like to be able to update the drivers in the normal stock way. the driver only checks the subsystem id, in this systems case 15CD, against a list of pcie subsystem ids. i don’t know how hard/easy it is to do this mod but if anyone knows a way i would be very grateful.

@ lowrck - Should be OK on vBIOS side, dump vBIOS with programmer, edit the ID to what you want, then flash it back (fix checksum first)

so its not a function of the system bios then? i would think it is considering the 7720 has a different subsystem id than the 6800. i might be wrong, ill look and see but thats what i was left to believe is that the system bios assigns a pci subsystem id based on if optimus is on or off.

edit 1:
@Lost_N_BIOS i couldn’t find the subsystem id in a dump of the vbios. i am not 100% certain but im about 70% certain that its set in the bios settings. i can dump the bios using fpt without being able to reflash if you want me to. i’ve heard the setup_var method is possible to enable flashing bios data but i can’t confirm.

@lowrck - dump vBIOS and let me see it, also, please link me to the Dell M6800 BIOS download page and tell me what BIOS version you are using.

the bios version my system is running is version a26, the download link is:…?driverid=nr58c
the vbios is
it was acquired from techpowerup because the m6800 does not work properly with the stock vbios due to poor coding from the dell team in regards to this machine’s gpu support. this is an actual dump though from the card actively in use in my system using gpu-z.

@Lost_N_BIOS if its really necessary i can disassemble the laptop to dump the bios. id prefer not to until i can do all the parts of the process in one go but i can. be straight with me, is this even possible? is it possible to alter the subsystem id so it matches the 7720?

did anything come of this?