My Lenovo Idepad Z500 shuts down every 30 minutes.

So I’ve had this problem for years now and have been trying to find a solution for this. A lot of the suggestions are always “replacing the motherboard” until I found this forum and found out that the problem could actually be Intel Management Engine-related since there’s no heating issues whatsoever and the shut downs happen even on bios. So already tried to unseat every ram and hdd but the shut down always still happen. It would be nice if someone could guide me on this this thing since I really don’t have experiences with this kind of IME related problems. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

PS. Sorry for my bad English, it’s not really my first language.

Oh and btw, I tried ti install IME but it says environment is not supported. Also tried MEInfo and had an Error 9458 and Error 9459. Also tried to do greset. Here are some of the screenshots.





If you search the forum with text “30 minutes”, you’ll find hundreds of other threads about this.

I did read some of the threads about this and I do think it’s a corrupted ME based on the MEInfo screenshots I posted above. So do i need really need to buy a programmer or is there any other way to solve this?

If your FD is locked and you cannot unlock it via the other methods of the guide, then yes, you’ll need a programmer. But you need to check these thing first.

I used Intel flash programming tool and did the fpt -d spt.bin to check if my fd is unlocked. But its says “Error 104: The 2 SPI flash devices do not have compatible command sets”. I’ve seen something from the threads about 2 spi devices, and they changed something on the fparts.txt but i really don’t know what I should change. I’m rally sorry I really don’t know much about these things.

Open fparts.txt, find EN25Q32B and replace 0x60 at the 8th entry with 0xc7. Flash Programming Tool should now work for your system.